What is Human Trafficking?
Illegal transportation of people across borders from one country to the other as illegal migrants.

Who are the Human traffickers?
Human Traffickers are groups of greedy individuals that transport humans from countries to countries in various illegal ways. They are only interested in the money they get from the people they transport without considering the agony of their victims.

Who are the victims?
Many of us refugees are victims of Human trafficking. Even though most of us have life threatening situations that made us flee our countries. Experience has shown that the human traffickers do deceive many people into fleeing their countries; promising them jobs and other benefits in Europe and the Americas.

Why do Refugees decide to campaign against human trafficking?
The activities of human traffickers will continue unabated and more and more African promising young people will continue to become their victims. We do not want more deaths of our fellow brothers and sisters to continue.

What methods are we using in this campaign?
From school to school campaign: we want to support seminars in schools that will focus on telling the students the truth about what awaits them on the dangerous journey through the deserts and the seas. We want to tell the young people that they really need official documents before they could be employed in Europe. We want to tell them and show them the proves that the Human traffickers lie to them when they tell them that they could start work as soon as they arrive in Europe. We want them to know that it is difficult to live as illegal migrants in Europe. Most importantly we want to encourage them to stay at home and build a great Africa.

Campaign materials;
Films of racketing boat sinking. Rescued illegal migrants on the sea. Educational materials with advice to students on the dangers of getting involved in this illegal migration. Media publications and flyers.

How do we finance this campaign?
Through Donations.

How can you help?
You can ask and send some of our flyers to young people in Africa. You can be a member and you can support this project.