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  1. Sierra Leone: Ban on Pregnant School Girls Outlawed in Landmark Ruling

    [African Arguments] The ECOWAS court ruling could have important implications for Sierra Leone, external partners and other countries with similar bans.
  2. Angola: Portuguese Hacker Identified As 'Luanda Leaks' Mole

    [Legalbrief] The fallout from the 'Luanda Leaks' scandal continues to reverberate across the continent as well as Europe and the Middle East where the continent's wealthiest woman is digging in her heels, notes Legalbrief . In the latest development, a Portuguese hacker has taken responsibility for disclosing hundreds of thousands of files revealing how billionaire Isabel dos Santos built her vast business empire, his lawyers said today.
  3. Africa: First UK-Africa Investment Summit Signals Post-Brexit Plans On Continent

    [Africa Renewal] The British government promoted the first ever UK-Africa Investment Summit held in London last week as an opportunity to "showcase and promote the breadth and quality of investment opportunities across Africa."
  4. Africa: What the Latest Coronavirus Tells Us About Emerging New Infections

    [The Conversation Africa] Viruses are quick studies. They're prolific at adapting to new environments and infecting new hosts. As a result they are able to jump the species divide from animals to humans - as the new coronavirus in China is showing.
  5. Africa: China's Approach to Peace on the Continent Is Different. How and Why

    [The Conversation Africa] China has steadily increased its participation in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations in Africa since its first mission in 1989, when the UN monitored the independence of Namibia from South Africa. Its funding and personnel have both grown.